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Anonymous asked: I just started dating one of my close friends of about a year and half. We are going to different colleges which are about 12hrs apart. I'm having a hard time excepting that we will inevitably have to break up because of this. Can long distance work?


The only question you need to ask is this: 

Sometime after you both graduate, is there a chance that you two will live in the same place?

If yes, then of course long distance relationships can work! Think of it like this: you spend four years dating long distance, then fifty years always together after you graduate. Four years is not a long time. And if you truly love each other, then no temporary distance should come between you two. 

If you both are willing to make it work, then it will work. Once one or both stop trying, then and only then will it not work.

If you are worth it to him then he will make it work and vice versa. You wouldn’t want to date someone who didn’t think you were worth waiting for, right?

My friend and her boyfriend were in a long distance relationship for 3+ years. They were 8 hours apart, but they made it work. And now they are graduated, so distance is no longer an issue.

Long distance makes relationships either grow stronger or break because there wasn’t commitment. Long distance forces you to get to know each other on a personal level. You’ll fall more in love with personality, and you’ll know that he cares for you as much as you care for him. 

If distance is the only issue in your relationship, you’ve got a pretty good thing going.

It’s up to both of you to make it work.

Good luck!

Anonymous asked: 14 girl: the boy I like I heard doesn't want a relationship just like someone to makeout with like that kind of thing and I almost want the same thing. How should I go about it


I’m glad that he doesn’t want that kind of relationship! That shows that he respects women and wants to date someone because he truly likes them. 

Let him know that you feel the same way about relationships! Let him know that you think it’s really sweet that he feels that way! 

Continue to hang out with him. Flirt a bit. Be yourself. If he likes you for you, then he would want a relationship with you. 

Good luck!

Anonymous asked: i was, and stil lam madly in love with this boy but he treats me like shit. we've been friends for five years and he knows i like him and we dated but he dumped me for this girl he had a crush on, now their dating and he keeps texting me saying he misses me and loves me and stuff but i cant trust him anymore, he paid my friend to spy on me. i dunno what to do. can you help?


Read the message you just sent me. Now tell me, does this sound like the kind of guy you want to date? 

He treats you like shit. He left you for another girl. He’s cheating on that girl by texting you. You can’t trust him. He paid your friend to spy on you.

That guy has major issues. 

Ask yourself why you love him. You probably are in love with the good times you had with this guy, rather than the guy himself. 

Trust me, there is a guy out there who would never hurt you, treat you only with respect, trust you, be loyal to you, and cause you to believe that you didn’t understand love until you met him.

Don’t settle for this guy who obviously only cares about himself. For all women out there (and even the guys who have had this happen to them too), don’t settle for anything less.

You would miss out on something great if you stuck with this abusive guy. Yes, he is being abusive. 

Please do what’s best for you by not taking his crap. 

Wait for the guy who loves you for you. 

Good luck!

Anonymous asked: idk how to give my bf head :( tips please? anythign appreciated


First, ask yourself why you want to give him head. Cause he asked? Because you think that’s what you need to do? Cause you think that’s what comes next in the relationship?

I know very few people who actually want to give head. 

Some people say they do it because they want their partner to feel good. They love their partner so they want to do it for them.

But is that the best reason? Is there not a better way to make them feel good? Is it the best way to make them feel good if it doesn’t make you feel good? And wouldn’t your partner want you to be happy too?

That doesn’t mean he needs to reciprocate. It means that instead of causing both displeasure and pleasure for both of you, why not put your efforts toward furthering your relationship?

I have made some mistakes in relationships, and I know that not everyone feels the same as I do or have the same beliefs. But I can guarantee that learning you and your boyfriend have something more in common outweighs the emotional satisfaction of a blow job.

If you don’t know about his childhood, about his goals, about his likes and dislikes, then there are far more important things to learn than how to give a blow job.

If he truly loves you, then he will wait.

Good luck!

Anonymous asked: So I'm finally getting around to asking the guy I like out tomorrow (hopefully) and I was wondering, what sort of things do people when they're dating? Like, I know that sounds like something I should have figured out beforehand, but like ???? IDK, it seems like friendship but with more physical contact, maybe? We're already friends so... but then I'm kinda iffy on touching people? And then cute dates, but I'm a little worried neither of us have any ideas, since we're both kinda reclusive-ish.


Relationships don’t have guidelines that you need to follow. There are no set rules. If you like this guy, then go out on a date with him! A date simply means that you want to get to know him on a more personal level.

There’s a reason people who are dating are touchy or go out on cute dates. It’s because they want to do things with and for the other, they want to hold hands to signify their attachment to each other, and they are dating because they see their relationship leading somewhere.

Only do what feels natural to do. If you want to hold his hand then go for it! If you want him to make the moves then see how you feel about it, then do that. Only do what you feel is right. Don’t get pressured into anything.

You don’t have to go on perfectly planned dates. If you want to, then let him know you want to do something special. Otherwise, you can just hang out at home, watch a movie, pick up fast food, take a walk, do whatever you want. Just remember that you shouldn’t do these things out of obligation but because you truly want to do these things with him.

Just be yourself!

Good luck!

Anonymous asked: hey so... i have had this massive crush in this guy... he is great and everyone has a crush on him :/ i´ve known him since i was little and something almost happened between us we liked each other but nothing was ever said so nothin happened.... i´ve come tothink that i do not like him anymore.... but i know i actually do... dont know what to do... i can´t tell him and ruin the friendship? how can a have closure... dont know sorry if you dont get ir PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN


"It is a risk to love.

What if it doesn’t work out?

Ah, but what if it does?”

— Peter McWilliams

If you like this guy, then don’t deprive yourself of happiness by holding in your feelings. If he is truly your friend, he will remain your friend even if you break up. If he doesn’t, then he wasn’t meant to stay in your life because God is making room for something better.

If you want closure, then you need to let him know that you have developed feelings for him, but you don’t want to pursue a relationship because you don’t want to hurt your friendship. Tell him that you just needed to let him know to get closure so you can move on.

But I highly recommend seeing what happens!

Good luck!

Anonymous asked: Do I go with the one that is crushing on me, or the one that I'm crushing on?


If the guy you are crushing on has not asked you out yet, I recommend giving the guy crushing on you a chance by going out on at least one date with him and seeing how that goes.

If you believe the guy you like is going to ask you out, then be considerate, and let the guy crushing on you know that you are currently talking to someone.

Only go out on a date if it feels right. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide which guy is worthy of your affection and is right for you.

Good luck!

Anonymous asked: Hey, this boy that I like asked me out. I said no because I thought he was kidding(all of his friends were behind him laughing). But he wasn't he was being serious. I feel like an ass and I need advice because I want to date him and hang out with him more. I think I ruined everything. I have to sit by him in 2 of my classes. We are in the same group of friends and everyone knows! Help!!!


Obviously, he likes you so you don’t have to be embarrassed to admit to him that you like him back. So tell him the truth!

Make it clear that you thought he was kidding when he asked you out. Then tell him that if the offer is still on the table, you would love to go on a date with him. If he truly likes you, he will take you out even if you embarrassed him.

If he does not want to take you out, then say that you understand, apologize, and walk away. If he isn’t a forgiving guy then you don’t want to be dating him anyway.

If you go out on the date and want a second one, you can always say something like, I owe you a coffee for putting up with me saying no to you earlier. Hopefully that will lead to a next date if he needs a hint that you’d like to go out again.

Good luck!

Anonymous asked: A girl asked me to prom and I like her but I had my mind set on a different girl


That’s very interesting that a girl asked you to prom. Where I live, it is usually the guy who asks the girl to prom. But good for her!

I was always taught to never say no to someone who goes out on a limb and asks you to a dance cause it takes guts to do that. The only reasons to say no are if you are already going with someone, if you are dating someone, or you have plans. 

I understand that yes, it is your prom night, but it is also her prom night. And you should be glad that she set her heart on asking you! It’s lucky that you actually like her too! 

It’s only one night, and there are no further obligations, so you can go out with the different girl another time if you want. But I highly recommend giving this girl a shot because she may surprise you!

Good luck!

Anonymous asked: Hey! So here is the thing this friend asked me out tonight, he is extremely nice and treats me great. He has been a close friend for a year. But now that he finally asked me out i dont know what to so, i dont want to ruin the friendship. Another important thing is that to me, he is kinda ugly. Im not being superficial because i usually dont care about the outside, but i dont feel any attraction towards him. Help what should i do? Ignore the physical and the attraction?


Although it is important to have the physical attraction, it is usually personality that makes someone attractive. And sometimes it’s purely instinctive. Humans can’t help it.

If you think you can handle it, then go ahead and go out on a date with him. It doesn’t have to lead to anything more. You can always say that you think it would be best to stay friends. If he is truly your friend, he will understand. But it’s always good to give them a chance.

He may surprise you.

If you are still unsure, imagine yourself being his girlfriend. Imagine holding hands, going out together, and kissing. Is it disgusting? Intriguing? Nice?

If you’re still unsure, go out on a second date. See what happens!

Good luck!